About Us

We have been professional commercial advertising photographers and directors for 25 years. I (Trinette) started my career in fine art and I am now circling back to it after many years of focusing on commercial work. I have always had deep love for architecture and interior design and creating living spaces that enhance well being. I see living spaces as living art that we get to live inside of. I believe that the design, comfort, and beauty of our living spaces impacts our nervous system and mental states.

I feel a strong resonance with the the concept of sensorial design. Sensory design activates touch, sound, smell, taste, and the wisdom of the body. It takes into consideration all five senses in order to trigger specific feelings, such as coziness, comfort, calm, or engagement. By appealing to sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste, designers can create an all-immersive experience indoors. We created a vacation rental called the Farmhouse Oasis to explore this passion of creating an experience for others to enjoy. This framework of sensory design infuses the art we create and our art is done with the intention of how it will feel and flow in a living space for someone.

We create fine art photography as well as AI art. People often ask me is AI art really art? I give a resounding and emphatic yes to that question. I like to call it collaborative AI since we often make changes to the images in photoshop after creating the initial image in AI software and the AI software needs to be curated and collaborated with. I have always considered myself a curator/ director as much as an artist. So the collaborative process of AI resonates deeply with me. I often say I am co-creating with the morphic field and is thrilling when it “gets me”.

I often start simply in prompts with AI, then I start building, refining, curating as I see what it is giving back to me and and hold my vision of where I want it to go, we keep going on this journey of collaboration slowly building until we reach a final image. I love the back and forth and collaborative aspect of it. It is not uncommon for me to work on refining an image over hours, or days coming back to it and trying new things with it until it lands where I want it to. I find collaborating with AI to be exciting, game changing, empowering, and wildly creative. It uses my skills in optimal ways. It feels like the creative tool that I have been waiting for my whole life.

Chris and I both spent years in the darkroom early on in our career developing images in chemical trays and slowly watching the image form in the darkroom. AI reminds us of that darkroom experience as you see the image starting to form in the developer tray and it comes more and more info focus over a few minutes. With AI it takes about 60 seconds for the image to slowly come into being. Then you see the final image and then immediately think, how can I make this better, how can I refine this and you just keep doing that over and over until you get what you are going for and the final image lands.

the front end

Trinette Reed

Artist / Photographer / Interior Designer / AI Prompter and Creator

behind the scenes

Chris Gramly

Artist / Photographer / Post Production Wizard